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Why choose SEAT Financial Services?

SEAT Financial Services is the only leasing company in Ireland that has full access to the Volkswagen Group Ireland brands and their entire dealer network. We are part of one family, we share one focus and we all have one thing in common: keeping our customers happy.

Driver & Fleet Manager Support

The SEAT Financial Services Customer Support Team pro-actively contact your drivers to remind them that their vehicle needs a statutory inspection or to book them in for a service.

Road Side Assistance

Our road side assistance is fully integrated with our brands guaranteed onward mobility solutions. This in simple terms means, we will get you back on the road again with our widespread Dealer Network.

Dealer Choice

With our nationwide dealer coverage, local means local to wherever your vehicle is.

Full Vehicle Handover

Other leasing companies may use separate delivery agents to handover the new vehicle. With SEAT Financial Services, the handover is done by the local supplying dealer you have selected. Most importantly, everything about the vehicle will be explained to your driver which means your duty of care for your driver’s safety is fully supported.

Authorised Dealer and Genuine Parts

To cut costs, other leasing companies may use non-franchise dealers and non-genuine parts. With SEAT Financial Services, we always use our franchised dealer network who only supply genuine parts. This ensures you have the best service possible and no concerns on the quality of any part replaced.

Like for Like Courtesy Vehicle***

Some leasing companies give you whatever courtesy vehicle they have available at the time. With SEAT Financial Services, when your vehicle needs servicing or maintenance you will receive a like for like courtesy vehicle. You also have the option to have your vehicle collected and returned to you at home or work. Plus, it will be valeted before returned to you.

***SEAT Financial Services will endeavour to offer a like for like vehicle or in exceptional circumstances, one size down.

Premium Quality Tyres

Other leasing companies use low cost tyre fit companies and may use economy tyre brands. SEAT Financial Services will ensure your tyres are fitted by the franchised dealer who will always fit premium tyres. Your drivers do not need to bring their vehicle to one location for servicing and another for tyres; it can be done in one visit.

Same Day Service

If your vehicle needs new bulbs, wipers or an ad-blue top up you can visit your local dealer and they will take care of it there and then as part of your agreement.

Efficient Service Booking

No need to wait weeks to book your vehicle in for regular maintenance, our 5 Star Service means you will get booked in and seen to within a couple of days.

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