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Renting and Car Leasing

With ever-escalating vehicle prices, an outright purchase is becoming unaffordable for many individuals and small businesses.

Hire Purchase

A hire-purchase agreement will most certainly involve some form of residual payment at the end of the contract in order to keep HP repayments within reach of the buyer.
There are other, more affordable options for acquiring a vehicle, and the car rental / leasing or lease hire agreement offers more flexibility, as well as lower repayments. We explore the benefits of personal car leasing and commercial vehicle leasing.

The practical vehicle solution

Personal car leasing

What is car leasing? Simply put, leasing is a form of rental. You decide how long you will need to lease the vehicle and how many miles you anticipate driving while you have it. Provided that you stay within the mileage and the vehicle is kept in good order you simply return it at the end of the lease agreement.
At SEAT, we offer practical personal car leasing options to keep you on the road without emptying your wallet. Contracts lasting from 24 to 54 months are available, and mileage limits can be renegotiated up to six months before the contract period ends.

Making business sense

Commercial vehicle leasing

More now than ever, businesses are turning to commercial vehicle leasing to satisfy their logistics requirements. Outright purchasing and ongoing maintenance of commercial vehicles is a huge financial consideration for any business.

Business lease cars and commercial vehicles remove the maintenance responsibility, as all servicing, tyres, and maintenance can be included in the lease contract price. The contract can be drawn up around the specific requirements of the vehicle, the anticipated mileage, tyre usage, and the duration of the agreement.

For businesses operating many vehicles, fleet leasing is a practical solution, allowing the company to focus on its core business without having to tie up resources in fleet management. There are also tax implications to vehicle ownership.

Owned vehicles are costly assets, and need to be depreciated over a period. Leased vehicles, on the other hand, generally qualify for tax incentives and rebates and require no depreciation.

SEAT is geared to vehicle leasing, whether personal long-term car lease or business lease cars.

Consider a 24-month, 20,000km/year commercial contract, including tyres, servicing, maintenance, and repair, as well as licensing costs. SEAT Ateca leasing is available from £399 per month, with SEAT Tarraco leasing from £450/month.

By comparison, SEAT Ibiza leasing over 36 months, with a maximum of 16,000km per year, will cost £155/month. On the same contract, SEAT Leon leasing starts at £189/month, and SEAT Arona leasing will cost a mere £159 per month.

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