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SEAT Roadside Assistance

You will never drive alone.

If you need assistance please call:


Contact us with SEAT Connect digital incidents or send us your enquiry using the form below.

00800 4000 20 20
seatdigitalsupport@seat.es seat-id.support@seat.es


SEAT Service Mobility

Roadside assistance will really  assure peace of mind along the way, so you’ll really  have tranquillity that goes with you. Wherever you drive. That’s because SEAT Service Mobility automatically  guarantees a complete and reliable range of roadside  assistance services at any location in the European  Union and in neighbouring countries whilst in our manufacturers warranty.
Whether you breakdown, or in the case of an accident, car  theft or self inflicted damage the SEAT Service Mobility  will care of you and your SEAT, 24 hours a day/365 days a year. In this brochure you will find the whole range of  services we are offering with SEAT Service Mobility.


10 years. 
From the moment you buy your new SEAT you will enjoy  the benefits of SEAT Service Mobility and the wide range  of services it provides – and this up to ten years. For the  first two years after purchase, your new SEAT is  automatically covered with the SEAT Service Mobility  without additional cost. If you wish to continue with this  reliable service you can extend the SEAT Service Mobility  up to ten years while realising each prescribed Inspection  Service at our SEAT Service Partner network. The costs for each additional year will be charged  together with the price of Inspection Service. Even if you change your SEAT, the new owner can  continue to enjoy the benefits of SEAT Service Mobility.

Once you have contacted our SEAT Service Mobility Assistance Centre, the following wide range of services will be offered according to your requirements and needs:

Roadside Repair

An assistance vehicle will promptly arrive at the breakdown site with experts properly prepared to repair your car on the spot, as far as possible.


If the repair is not possible on the spot, your car will be towed to the nearest SEAT Service Partner for repair. In case of accident, we will also provide off-road recovery.

Fuel Refill / Running out of battery

We will provide assistance in of lack of fuel. If you accidentally put in the wrong fuel, your car will be towed to the nearest SEAT Service Partner.  In case of running out of battery with your EV we will tow you to the next charging station.

Key Assistance

Assistance is provided in case of lost, damaged or stolen keys  and even if the keys got locked in the car.

Lock Assistance

We will provide assistance in case your lock is not working or if it  is blocked. We will even assist in case of a wrong key in the lock.


We cover the costs for assistance if you have one or more flat tyre  with or without you having a spare wheel.

SEAT Service Mobility Assistance Centre

In it for the long run?

If the repair at the workshop requires more than two hours, we will offer you a series of alternatives to suit your requirements:

Replacement Car

You will receive a replacement car until your SEAT has been repaired,  for a maximum of three working days (depending on the damage)  including free mileage.SEAT Tarraco, Ateca and  Alhambra owners have up to five working days (subject to availability  and conditions).

Journey Home or Continuation of Trip

Alternatively we will organise the journey home or the continuation  of the trip to the final destination, in this case, provided that the costs  have equal or less value than transportation home for you and your  passengers by train (1st class) or plane (economy class).


If the problem occurs more than 50 km away from your home and you  don’t choose the possibility of a replacement car or journey home /  continuation of trip, we will organise accommodation for you and your  passengers in a 4-Star Hotel close to the SEAT Authorized Service for  a maximum of three nights.

Taxi Service

Our assistance services also include taxi rides up to the  value of €100,-, for example for your transport to the hotel.

SEAT Service Mobility

Of course we also take care, after your  SEAT has been successfully repaired:

Journey to pick up the repaired car.

In order to pick up your repaired car we will organise the journey  from your home to the place of repair for one person (1st class train  or economy class plane).

Vehicle Storage

If necessary, your SEAT will be kept in storage for a maximum  of three working days after repair.

Service limits.

Please note that we can only provide you with the full  range of our assistance services in the case you directly  contact our Assistance Centre as first addressee after  an incident occurs.

- In case of immobility due to an accident only car towing  to the nearest SEAT Service Partner is provided. The  off-road recovery will only be carried out where access  is permitted by law. It will be covered up to €100,- (VAT  not included)

- In case of theft we provide the following assistance  services to all car passengers: continuation of journey  to final destination or journey home (1st class train or  economy class plane within geographical scope of SEAT  Service Mobility) and Taxi Service up to €100,- to/from  nearest public transportation.

- Costs of fuel, tyres and tyre repair are not included.

Assistance services are only provided on public roads and at home.

Vehicles used for particular purposes will join full SEAT  Service Mobility while those designed for other purposes  (such as taxis, ambulances, driving schools, rental cars)  will receive a reduced Mobility Service Package (limited  to roadside repair and towing).

SEAT Mobility makes you always feel at home.

Geographical cover. Roadside assistance Breakdown call

Tranquility that goes with you. Our assistance services are valid from doorstep and in any country of the European Union as well as in neighbouring countries:

Algeria*,  Andorra, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein Lithuania, Luxembourg Macedonia Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro Morocco*, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Tunisia*, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City 

*Service may be limited in these countries.

Roadside Assistance

Breakdown Call

Your B-Call* function, where available,  can be used to contact the Roadside Assistance  Call Centre sending vehicle data to enable  them to support you in a breakdown situation.  This includes the following:

  • Vehicle information
  • Location of vehicle
  • Vehicle data such as Fuel level, Battery level, Oil level etc.
  • Any warning lights displayed

This information can be used to help fix the  vehicle, suggest the route to the nearest repairer and or Fuel station/Charging station.

To use this function, download the SEAT CONNECT  App and register your SEAT.

*This function will only work if your SEAT is connected to SEAT CONNECT.

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