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Charging Electric Cars

Congratulations on joining the millions of people who have opted to reduce emissions and take a chance on a semi-electric hybrid car. I’m sure you have lots of questions, so we’re here to help!

Hybrid cars

You already know that electric cars and hybrid cars work differently from their fossil fuel companions. There’s no four-stroke metal heart that’s combusting petrol and dumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, of course. Hybrid cars still retain the internal combustion engine, but they combine it with an electric motor and battery to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

So how do hybrid and electric cars work? Let’s talk about that -- along with how long it takes to charge, where you can charge it, and if you can charge your car at home -- in this article.

Charging Points

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) has installed a large network of public charging stations throughout Ireland. These can be found in motorway service stations, parking lots, and shopping centres around the country.

You can easily locate charging points by downloading the ecar connect app for your mobile device from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

These EV charging stations provide various charging rates for your Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

Home electric car charger

OHME’s on mission to speed up the global transition to clean energy by providing an easy-to-use smart charging system. Ohme offers you a home electric car charger that protects your car, your purse, and our planet. Our smart tech integrates with all energy tariffs, including the smartest EV tariffs coming to Ireland very soon, allowing customers to charge at the cheapest and greenest times available. Download the Ohme app, plug-in, and OHME Home Pro will take care of the rest.

Hybrid Technology

SEAT doesn’t offer fully electric vehicles; instead, we offer exciting hybrid vehicles to our customers. The SEAT Leon hybrid and Leon e-Hybrid Sportstourer are PHEV cars that can provide up to 60km electric range, or 800km total range in conjunction with the petrol engine.

These can be charged at the various charging points around the country, or at home by using the SEAT charger. Because these are hybrid vehicles, you’re not fully reliant on electric power and the petrol engine will take over when the battery is drained.

Even though there’s a petrol engine in the hybrid vehicle, you’ll still have 70% fewer emissions than traditional petrol cars because the engine will only operate when the battery needs to be charged. Also, these vehicles have incorporated clever technology like regenerative braking, which uses braking forces to charge the car’s battery.


Electric cars are here to stay. If you choose a car like the SEAT Leon hybrid, you’ll get up to 800km range when you choose to use petrol mode. In this mode, the petrol engine will charge the battery if it gets drained so you can travel 800km in low emission comfort.

There are a multitude of charging points in Ireland where you can charge your vehicle. If you’re doing long-distance travelling, fast chargers at motorway service stations will give you an 80% charge in 30 minutes - long enough for you to take a break but short enough to get on with your travels.

You can also use the SEAT Charger, which gets installed at your home so you can recharge your SEAT Leon hybrid at night so it’s ready the next morning.

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