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Tyre protection

Enjoy the chaos.

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Is your life just the right blend of chaos and calm? Whether shuttling around small passengers or taking a quick trip to the shop, your SEAT gives you the freedom to enjoy your life on the go. Without any worries slowing you down.

SEAT Tyre Protection at zero cost

When you purchase a tyre at an authorised SEAT Dealer for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase for each tyre individually.

How does it work?

Visit any authorised SEAT dealer

  • Produce the original invoice for the purchase of your tyres
  • In cooperation with SEAT Ireland, the dealer will then assess the tyre protection case
  • Once approved, you will receive a proportionate part of the tyre price

If the model of the tyre is unavailable, you will receive a new model for one tyre only (note: there must always be the same model of tyre on one axle)

What amount can I claim under Tyre Protection?

Thread depth/ age

  • 0-12 months since purchase? 100% reimbursement
  • 12-24 months since purchase? 75% reimbursement
  • 24 months since purchase or < 3mm thread depth? No reimbursement

What does SEAT Tyre Protection cover?

  • Sidewall puncture
  • Curb Damage
  • Blow out ( As a result of the above)
  • Vandalism
  • Mounting of the new tyre and old tyre’s disposal charge

What does SEAT Tyre Protection not cover?

  • Paraxial tyre replacement
  • Tyre failure as a result of normal wear
  • Damage where thread depth is below 3mm
  • Tyre failure due to poor suspension alignment
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