You may have purchased a SEAT Alhambra or any other SEAT family cars, such as SEAT Leon ST or SEAT Toledo, because you want to carry your snowboard equipment, pets or just because you love to enjoy space. However, it is also possible that you drive a family car because you may have children.

If you are a parent, pay attention and keep in mind the following hints in order to have a relaxing trip along with your kids:

Ace up your sleeve: it is always good to have snacks on board. It will keep hunger away for a while and help your kids to behave.

Feels like being at home: your kids should wear pyjama or comfortable clothing if you want them to feel calm. If you also carry blankets or cushions, they will fall asleep more easily.

Kit against travel sickness: remember to load your car with water and mint chewing gum.

Movies on the road: if your kids are too restless, maybe you should evaluate to carry their favourite movies.

Mandatory break: stop every two hours! It will allow you to stretch and rest up but also the kids could go to the toilet.

Let’s play!: by keeping the kids entertained will make them to stay away from fighting, crying or complaining whilst travelling. Within the attached infographic, we also suggest easy simple games for you to enjoy on your travels.

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