11 October 2018

SEAT Ireland is launching a brand new advertising campaign next Monday, 15th October which will take viewers by surprise every day. The campaign will make its debut on select TV channels during prime time before reaching other media in Ireland, including print and digital platforms.

The brand launches its new advertising campaign in Ireland with a different spot each day of the week

Running until 18th November, the SEAT Ateca spots will be different every day of the week, but they will all have a common thread: everyday life. The creative concept harnesses people’s motivation to tackle each new day in a different way, and poses diverse challenges that modify their daily routine so that each day is different.

Innovate daily life

The innovative ending to each episode is the company’s evocative slogan: “Make every day a great day” and enables the various equipment features on the SEAT Ateca to be displayed in a multiscreen format, such as the digital instrument panel.

Commenting on the campaign:

“We are delighted to officially unveil the next pillar of our advertising creative on 15th October. The new SEAT Ateca campaign is unique, visually appealing and perfectly captures the essence of modern everyday life. We look forward to viewers seeing the campaign which showcases the award winning SEAT Ateca SUV in a way which will strike a chord with consumers.”

Neil Dalton, Head of Marketing and Product at SEAT Ireland

The first spot will air on Irish TV on Monday, 15th October

The first spot of the seven-episode series is set to make its debut in Ireland next Monday, 15th October and by Sunday 21st October, all seven versions for each day of the week will have aired and will continue to do so until Sunday, 18th November.