Best One: SEAT Ibiza

Sometimes when we say a car has ‘become more grown up’ it’s code for that car abandoning any pretence of being fun and just accepting that it’s now a boring box on wheels. Just for a change though, the Seat Ibiza grew up in a big way but didn’t actually become any less fun. Much bigger and more spacious than it used to be (thanks to sharing a chassis with the new VW Polo), and its interior quality has had its game seriously raised. Basic models are a touch dark and plastic-y, but everything feels tightly assembled and there’s stretching space in the back seats now. Basic 1.0-litre engine with 75hp is surprisingly fleet-of-foot, but if you upgrade to the 115hp 1.0-litre version, you’ve got a terrific all-rounder that raises serious questions about needing to buy a bigger Leon. SE models get a decent touch screen and air conditioning, or you could get a pricey FR model for faux-hot-hatch looks. Avoid the dreadful ‘Mystic Magenta’ metallic puce paint. Take all of the above as read for the equally excellent Volkswagen Polo, but add around €1,500 to the price tag.