Everybody knows our cars but maybe not what we do backstage. The moment you turn on the engine a beautiful process comes to an end: a multifaceted behind-the-scenes that starts with an idea of a car. Discover it here.

Engineers Of Beauty

Every detail counts when crafting our cars. We immerse ourselves in the essence of design to express our values and character. This is how we take perfection to the next level and turn beauty into another of our skills.

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Ideas To Make A Difference

For SEAT believing in innovation means having a workforce of 1,000 people in our Technical Centre, the crucial nerve centre where we conceptualize, design and develop our cars, ensuring they are always meeting customers needs.

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Enjoy The Ride

It has never been about going faster or getting there sooner, for us whether long or short, journeys should be enjoyed. This is where we put all of our focus, this is the purpose we give to every single part of our cars.

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The Team Behind Perfection

People who chase perfection know that sometimes a simple detail is what makes you fall in love. This is why our obsession to excel is extended to every detail, this is what turns us into passionate perfectionists.

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The Future Starts Now

Building a better future is at the heart of all we do. This is what drives us to push further in our quest for sustainability. And this is what we have in mind with every single car we design.

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Stories That Make History

Our journey started more than 60 years ago. And our history has been built on the millions of stories lived in each and every car that we’ve produced.

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Our People, The Motor That Moves Us

Our people, their enthusiasms, commitment and skills are the dynamic force behind the SEAR cars that you love so much.

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