SEAT is delighted to introduce an Eco Grant offer across the Mii, All-New Ibiza and Leon range. Our Eco Grant of up to €2,750 is available when you trade in your current Euro1 - Euro4 diesel car for selected new SEAT models. With extremely low finance rates, 3 years servicing for €299 AND 3 years free roadside assistance there has never been a better time to trade in your old car!

To see if your car qualifies for the Eco Grant click this website and simply enter your registration number.

Visit your local SEAT retailer and order before December 31st to avail of these offers.

Eco Grant table

Terms and conditions

* Euro emissions standard
The ‘Euro 1’ standard was introduced in 1992 to help reduce vehicle emissions. Progressively more stringent Euro standards have been implemented since then - helping to lower emissions still further - with Euro 5 being introduced in 2009/2010.

‘Euro 6’, the standard that all new petrol and diesel cars must meet, is currently the toughest yet.

** Further offer details
- Incentive applies only to any diesel vehicle (any make/model) with pre-Euro 5 emissions standards
- Traded-in vehicles must have been registered in owner’s name for at least six months
- Trade-in vehicles will be scrapped
- Applied to orders between 8 September and 31 December 2017, to be registered by 30 June 2018.

This offer is available to retail customers with orders submitted from 8th September 2017 until 31st December 2017. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other existing 172 SEAT offers. Registration of qualifying units can be in 2017 or up to 30th June 2018. The EcoGrant is available for owners of all makes of cars and not restricted to SEAT owners. Vehicles being scrapped must have been registered in the name of the purchaser of the new car for at least 6 months prior to the date of registration of the new car.
Qualifying trade in vehicles must be scrapped within 60 days (before or after new vehicle registration date) at an approved end of life authorised vehicle treatment facility (ELV). This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. This offer does not apply to fleet sales. Please contact your local SEAT dealer for full details.