The New SEAT Ibiza


14,295 €


88 g/km


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fuel 3,4 l/100km


Discover Young Spirit

The iconic Ibiza essence can be found in every detail of the New SEAT Ibiza’s exterior but the biggest changes are within. Ergonomic design, high quality materials and state of the art technology have been added to make every drive even better.

Discover This Clever Design


Nice & Techy

The state of the art technology in the New SEAT Ibiza helps offer you an unbeatable driving experience. From the Full Link technology and Integrated Navi to the Rear View Camera, the New SEAT Ibiza has everything you could want and need.

  • Full Link Technology
  • Rear View Camera
  • Integrated Navi
  • SEAT Sound System


More Safety, Less Stress

Safety has been enhanced with the use of advanced technology, including LED Day Running lights, Parking Assist with audio warnings and a Rear View Camera integrated in the infotainment system. This truly is our safest Ibiza yet.

  • Multicollision Braking System
  • Tiredness Recognition System
  • LED Day Running Lights
  • Hill Hold Control


Cleaner. Better. Greater.

The EcoTSI Engine has all the power of a petrol engine and the incredible efficiency of a diesel. Because of this, the New SEAT Ibiza can cover an impressive 100km on just 4.1l. of fuel with low emissions of 94g CO2/km.

Let's Discover The New Engine


Beautiful Inside

The New SEAT Ibiza’s interior has been designed with only the highest quality materials.

Closer Look At Design


Yours By Design

Make your Ibiza an even better fit by adding your favourite features. An extensive range of choices lets you tailor the SEAT Ibiza to your taste. Your SEAT Ibiza, your city car, your style.

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We’ve Got You Covered

We want your SEAT experience to be enjoyable and easy. Our focus is on offering you a fast, efficient service of the highest quality. Because the greatest peace of mind comes from knowing you’re in good hands.

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