7/8 back view passenger's side in a beach. - Sport Coupé - SEAT Ibiza SC


Youthful spirit has always been the beating heart of the SEAT Ibiza. A car that fizzes with fun while laying down some serious performance. And now the SEAT Ibiza continues in the same groove. But how do you improve a classic?


SC stands for Sport Coupé. In other words, it stands for thrilling performance and eye-catching style. And the new Ibiza SC certainly lives up to its name.

We all search for perfection. But what is perfection exactly? For some people, perfection is something specific: something you can feel, touch or taste. For others, it is an ideal, a goal you would like to pursue your entire life.

For us at SEAT, you represent perfection. You have inspired our efforts to improve the SEAT Ibiza since 1984.

Our work has focused on trying to make a better SEAT Ibiza in two respects: safety and personality. Higher safety standards to ensure you continue to trust us and a strong personality expressed through design to ensure you continue to fall in love with us. A combination of precision and design. An urban car that is closer to perfection, closer to you.

From €129 Per Month With PCP
/ 3 year service plan for €199 (save €500)